Hire Cab / Taxi Rental Services Website Designing

Hire Cab / Taxi Rental Services Website Designing

Your website will come with a powerful and fully working booking system with advanced search results.


Online Booking System will support:-


a)      Credit Card

b)      Debit Card

c)       Net Banking

d)      Cheque

e)      Bank Transfer

f)       Cash on Delivery

g)      Availability Checker 

Net Banking

Your website will support Unlimited Vehicles Types.

Create as many options as possible from Car, Bus, Shuttle to
Helicopters etc.

When creating a transport type you can indicate the maximum number
of people a transport type allows, a value which is then used later on in the
booking process to limit the count of people that can book an available

You can create unlimited, hierarchical destinations etc e.g.
Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kochin etc.

Destinations are a key part of your websites booking system as a
transfer occurs when a customer books a transport type from one destination to

A transfer can be booked between any two destinations with a valid
availability entr

Website Features:-

a)      Payment Integration

b)      Integrated Booking System

c)       Inventory Manager

d)      Invoicing Option

e)      100% Responsive

f)       Search Engine Optimized

g)      Amazing Admin Panel

h)      Unlimited Color Options

i)       Testimonials

j)       Social Media Integration

k)      Frequently Asked Questions

l)       Customizable Contact Form

Why Wait?…

Major Advantages of Upgrading yourwebsite:- 

a)      Create
your own online brand; this will also help in your offline business.

b)      Display
Premium Services.

Increase your Business Reach (Get Clients from all over India and

d)      Low
Maintenance Cost more Returns on Investment (ROI).

e)      Higher

f)      International
Website with Premium features.


100% Responsive

Contact Details


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